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Visit Zurich Most Popular City in Switzerland

In foreign countries this city is famous for the amount banks. As a tourist city of Zurich has much to offer. Historic buildings, museums, churches, unique architecture, places nan exclusive shopping, city parks and water areas which arranged nicely. No less than twenty-five million tourists visiting Zurich, each year.

Town in the heart of Europe is very easy to reach from surrounding countries either by plane, bus, car and train.

Zurich is the city of all seasons, according to a guidebook. That is, the city is fun visit anytime. When the air temperature warms in the spring, the cafes on the edge of the street will begin to hold a seat outside. Invite guests to enjoy the fresh spring air. In summer, the small alleys of Zurich will be filled with local and foreign tourists. The lake will become a giant bath, with a surrounding sundeck. Open-air concerts, street parades, fairs and sporting events at the center of the city.

Autumn is a cultural session. which theater scene, and fall fashion parade graced the city. In winter, the mountains will be crowded around winter sports lovers.

Zurich was in Switzerland that uses the German language as official language. Zurich traveled by public transport is the most widely used by tourists. Public transport network in and around Zurich has a very good system. Tickets can be purchased at vending machines located at almost every stop, and some counters in the city. In addition to comfortable and safe public transport such as buses and trams come every few minutes. The passengers do not have to worry about going long wait.

In the month of April to September boats also serve as public transportation. These vessels are very useful because in addition to lakes, two rivers Limmat and Sihl which divides the city of Zurich. And if you want to go sightseeing and visit the art gallery, buy a Zurich card is very profitable. With a valid card a day or three days, someone will be able to use public transport as well as entry to over 40 museums in Zurich for free. It costs between 15 to 30 Swiss francs.

Take a walk in the heart of the city called Altstadt, or old town of Zurich. Altstadt Zurich is divided into two parts, with the Limmat River as the denominator. On the left Limmat between Hauptbahnhof (central station) and the lake is the central business district with many banks, leading law firms, shopping malls, exclusive shops, and restaurants. This section is very busy during the day. The right side of Limmat, known as Ober-and Niederdorf, a residential area complete with cinema, small shops and cafes a crowded in the afternoon and evening.

The further along the Bahnhofstrasse looks more famous clothing stores like H & M, shopping centers, hotels, and shop accessories, watches, shoes, chocolate and jewelry. Besides shops, there are several buildings with interesting architecture like Lindenhof, and the church St. Peter near Bahnhostrasse. Older buildings of Europe combined in harmony with modern glass buildings.

Zurich residents called Ober-and Niederdorf as doerfli. This region is located more than Altstadt Cleaner on the right Limmat. Consists of narrow alleys, small shops and cafes hidden overlooks and unique experience while exploring it. Here, people can shop with lower prices than the other old town.

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