Mount Brighton Ski Resort Michigan

Mt. Brighton- My First Ski Trip to Michigan #EpicRace

aexI was excited to ski Mt. Brighton because that mountain is where Aspen Extreme was filmed and Aspen Extreme laid the foundation for Dumb and Dumber. If you have ever watched both movies you can see the similarities. If you have not watched both back to back, Netflix makes that possible for you instantly.

We night skied in the rain a bit and then it cleared up nicely. This mountain was created using road construction debris and when they did that made a pretty fine urban ski area. During the planning of this trip Mt. Brighton was a big variable. No one really knew when they would be open. Also, this was the first year Vail owned Brighton and a bunch of work had been done on the snowmaking that included taking out the old small pipes and replacing them with much larger ones.DCIM103GOPRO The concern was that this system had yet to be tested because warm temperatures had prevented it. Just in case I booked a flight back to Detroit on 12/21 in the off case that it opened very late and became the final stop on the race. Luckily for all that didn’t happen. One day Brighton was a green and brownpile of dirt and rocks. 24 hours later with freezing temperatures it was completely covered in pretty deep snow.

Suffice it to say that the new snowmaking system passed the first test. Brighton was open for skiing and riding before Thanksgiving and people were pretty excited. Almost everyone I spoke with there was pumped to be on snow so early.

mtgbrightNot content with one Michigan Ski Resort I wheeled the mini-SUV north to check out Alpine Valley. They had more snow than I was expecting but weren’t open. They also had a half-pipe cut into the ground which is great to see from a terrain perspective but probably a tough one to justify economically. I can’t imagine it is easy to keep that open. After my visit to Alpine Valley I had one more stop to make. That was at American Jewelry and Loan home of Hardcore Pawn. I stopped in and since I didn’t have much to pawn I offered up my Dick’s Ditch Champion silver belt buckle for fun. I decided not to sell but Ashely was kind enough to take a picture. Also of note, Les, Seth and Ashley were all there and seemed to be getting along OK.americanJeweleryLoan As with all people who enter that store I had a small incident with security involving my GoPro. Unlike most people who enter that store my issue was resolved without any physical force. For this reason I will likely not be appearing on the TV show. There was a large production crew in the lot and in the store shooting for the next season of Hardcore Pawn.

Form there it was time to hit the airport. I made a quick stop at the salvation army for some pure Americana. I needed snap button cowboy shirts because the day we arrive in St Anton there is an American Line Dancing/Iron Dancing festival to kick off the season.

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