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Killer Views of Lake Tahoe from These Ski Resorts

imgresLake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places in California to visit and a must see vacation destination for travellers all over the world. While the winters have been mildlately there is nothing that can take away from the beauty of the lake, especially when seen from a mountain top.

With over a dozen ski areas in Tahoe there is no lack of views to choose from. While some of the North Shore slopes get all of the fame, it is the south shore hills that are close to the waterline that offer fantastic views, even if you dont feel like strapping on your board or stepping into your skis.

Heavenly, split between California and Nevada is conveniently located at Stateline.homewood-ski-4_C Lamost no matter where you are on the hill you have a great view of the lake. Even the gondola ride up the mountain offers a world class view of Lake Tahoe.

Diamond Peak is fully located in Nevada but has some of the best views ever! easy and well groomed trails offer an experience like no other – feel as if you’re going to ride right into Lake Tahoe.

Homewood is on the smaller side, but being so close to the lake makes these moutain tops prim viewing points. As the closest ski area to the lake, Homewood promises epic scenes from anywhere on the mountain.

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